Why are men and women smoking cigarettes while serving in the military?

These is just a new interview with retired Navy Commander Donald E. Minnich, who smoked throughout service for two decades, and who served in three wars, including WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Reporter: ‘So you were in WWII and you smoked? When did you actually start smoking’?

Pine Island (AV12) in Antarctica, in 1946. I started smoking before I joined the Navy at age 17. At enlistment, I was around about half of a pack each day – they were Camels. With time, I was on three different destroyers, and got up to smoking two packs each day.’

CDR Minnich: ‘I was in Korea around 1950, on a ship headed to the Philippines. Smoking was never allowed on-deck, only inside. I used to be commissioned (as officer) in 1955.

CDR Minnich: ‘The Navy has what’s termed a ‘smoking lamp,’ which suggests once the team may smoke and once they can not.

Reporter: ‘Just how do the military obtain cigarettes’?

CDR Minnich: ‘Oh, well, cigarettes are pretty easy to come by, I mean, they’re at the angles, at ports and in areas, where they were pretty cheap, and just about everywhere.’

Problems and data
Let’s think on that conversation and the medical hardships of helping and smoking in today’s battles. In the event the commanders and other leaders don’t head, and they can smoke themselves, does making it okay? One cold, hard fact is that quitting smoking before the mid 1960s was much, much easier than it is today. This is the major ‘toasty vapor’ hook that sucks ‘ex-smokers’ in when they try to quit cold-turkey today. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Active duty military personnel smoking at much higher rates than the overall population: 32 percent when compared with 21 percent, respectively.

Costs were nearly double that for deployed company members in Iraq, and are probably similar for those in Afghanistan. (http://www.lung.org)

Serious dangers are imposed by every cigarette smoked
One cigarette often turns into more and more.

Let us just look at the most serious ways cigarettes jeopardize the military, their job, and those offering around them:

Cigarettes are detrimental to cardio: leg routines and Long-distance biking become seriously compromised.

It’s very problems to light up during night watch, offering situation with the smoke, the heat, and the light.

The added stress of providing multiple tours of duty in the Middle East is compounded by repeat cigarette use.

Military plan encourage cigarette smoking?
Statistics show that most of the tobacco users in the military DIDN’T SMOKE before they entered the service. More Than 40 percent surveyed said cigarettes can be found at installations. This costs the Dept. of Defense about 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS per year for extra health care bills, hospitalization and missing days of work.

Dragging ‘once in a little while’ smokers to the ‘pack-a-day misery’ is big-business. Do you think Big Tobacco cares if you are in the military or not? Do you feel Big Tobacco cares if you’re 17 years old or 50? Do you believe Merit, Camel, Winston and Marlboro care if you’re serving in the Middle-east and you can not stop cigarette smoking? Big Tobacco has been engaged in marketing for many years. Joe Camel was promoted at kids. Health practitioners used to propose Camel cigarettes in 1930s ads.

What are the results when you mix 4,000 chemicals with PRESCRIPTION medication? What are the results when the pesticide and the ammonia mix with medicines? Aren’t these toxic substances swimming around in their blood, affecting emotions, thought, and motivation during situations which involve the ultimate psychological understanding? You bet they are.

50 percent of smokers want to stop but-don’t understand how. So many smokers want to quit, and are willing to quit, but do not know how. You can make up your mind you wish to climb a hill, but without the guidance and the equipment, best of luck.

Stopping the 3rd strongest drug addiction on the planet needs help for over 95 percent of smokers. Only five per cent on average can stop cold turkey and put it out a lot more than six months. That is a fact. Even the programs provided by many hospitals don’t address the trick to staying off cigarettes longer than 6 months. Many of those programs require a month of classes, which only is not very probable. This is why ‘feelings of suicide’ and ‘suicide’ are listed as ‘negative effects’ of those cessation pills. Ingredient all that with PTSD and what do you have?

14AndOut; the BEST PROGRAM to get ‘unhooked’
In the place of growing anxiety and health problems, let us move towards better health, protection and livelihood. Medical Ranger, Mike Adams, suggests 14AndOut to military smokers who want to quit.

14AndOut is an natural program that shows the smoker how to wean his or herself off cigarettes in 2 weeks or fewer. It takes no hypnosis and absolutely no medicine. On top of that, it handles substances, behavior change and nutrition in a 60-minute VIDEO DOWNLOAD which comes with a nutritional guide. This program is extensive and features a incredible 90-percent success rate. Testimonials are flowing in to show it.

Electronic cigarette

is tiresome, challenging and more commonly ungrateful to contend with acknowledged authorities. But Chinese are famous for their continuity. In a battle against smoking they’ve managed to challenge the chief titan of occasions – Allen Carr, the creator of the best-seller ” The Simple way to Stop Smoking”. They’ve devised an e-cigarette.

The system with integral inhaler has created revolution within the business. Millions of smokers who attempted to quit smoking once using gum, nicotine patch or selfsuggestion noticed new opportunity in cigarette. Lungs filled up with a smoke – sensation which had not been simulated by another stop smoking procedures is the high of the smoker. And here’s the best method to quit smoking, while carry on smoking!

But Lets go back to battle against titans. Those that read Carr, definitely remember his connection to any replacements, whether it’s nicotine gum, a patch or benign sugar sweets. To explain this issue Carr committed entire chapter in his own book ” The Simple way to Stop Smoking”.

Based on Carr, if you choose to utilize e-cigarette, you instantly acknowledge: life is really empty and worthless for you without smoke that it’s essential to fill it with some replacement desperately. Principal part of Carr’s strategy would be to recognize smoking senselessness and hollowness! Only next, you’ll be able to quit smoking in rest effortlessly, he says – you will realize that you simply lose nothing.

They say Carr’s approach efficacy reaches 70%. At present day-this approach of quitting smoking is the best choice by achievement indicators. It is hard to tell certainly regarding their efficacy yet – fundamental statistic is inadequate. Who’s, although it’s interested right more – – Carr or e-cigarettes suppliers?

Comments Health Alliance

Beaverton, Oregon, United States – Texas Health and Human Service Commission has approved rules enabling Texas Medicaid to start reimbursing for telemonitoring set up and services, with effect from 1st October, 2013.

Continua Health Alliance, a nonprofit business coalition promoting interoperability (simple connectivity) of private health products, systems and services, recommended powerfully for all these changes.

He continued: “As among the biggest Medicaid programmes in the nation, Texas Medicaid’s new compensation opinion signifies significant acknowledgement of affiliated health as a precious, evidence based alternative for treatment delivery. With countless new Medicaid subscribers currently, it’ll become even more significant to embrace proven, technology enabled care models for example remote home monitoring.”

“It is critical that we utilise available technologies to supply more immediate and sustainable treatment shipping choices for the citizens.

Mr Parker concluded: “This verdict is a success for Continua’s members, the affiliated health community and organisations specializing in improving healthcare availability, quality and results through distant home monitoring. I’m particularly proud to get my home state choose the lead in providing quality care for the far reaches of rural America”.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoking causes more deaths than booze, cocaine, methamphetamine as well as other recreational drugs come up with. Smokers even whilst accepting the dangerous effects of smoke just don’t have the will power or fortitude to cease. The most widely used one may be the cigarette or the E-cig.

What’s an e-cig?

An e-cigarette is really a tool that mimics the whole smoke procedure by creating a mist that has an identical sense (occasionally the exact same flavour too) of smoke. The notion of an electric cigarette has been with us since the 1960s but tobacco consumption wasn’t actually considered dangerous in those days and it took until 2003 for the very first smokeless e-cigarette to reach the market.

Electronic cigarettes manufacturers assert that they’re like cigarettes since there is no smoking, no tobacco and no combustion except that there aren’t any dangerous health implications. Also since there isn’t any shs, smoking and pollution because of shove litter or smoke.

What’s within an e-cig?

The e-cigarette essentially includes three components: Atomizer, Cartridge and Power supply

The atomiser vaporizes the liquid being a heating element and functions and a power supply is contained by each of them just like a plug, USB drive or batteries.

E-cigs are primary used being a smoking replacement or perhaps a smoking cessation device to assist smokers stop though having less its particular comparative novelty and studies ensure it is difficult to judge its health impacts. However FDA approaches are derided in several journals for want of signs and which maintained the nicotine content was a great deal below genuine cigarettes as were the hazards.

Research completed in the University of East London implies that nicotine content doesn’t seem to become of fundamental importance but other smoking related mannerisms like taste, vapor resembling smoke and hand motions helps reduce distress related with tobacco abstinence for the short term.


Even though there isn’t conclusive evidence to suggest that e-cigs are entirely harmless at the very least most of the reports suggest that they and are undoubtedly less dangerous than conventional cigarettes. Smokers are also provided by them using the resources to cease by mimicking the idiosyncrasies of number of years users right from inhaling, the hand motions and the vapour that copies smoke.

Leaking e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are hailed by many for a safer option to tobacco smoke, however a consistent difficulty nevertheless dogs consumers of the tremendous majority of electronic cigarette brands. E-cigs use a answer to create vapour, and this may give a winner to customers of bitter tasting fluid and sometimes leak from the mouth-piece.

This really is far from enjoyable, and it might result in nicotine poisoning if had in big amounts. Having a couple of easy precautions can decrease the quantity seeping through or cease the cartridge from leaking completely.
Don’t overfill the cartridge.

This is truly among the important reasons for leakage, also it’s readily prevented. Most “cartomizer” (a combined cartridge and atomiser) design cartridges just want five to seven drops of e-cig liquid. Cartridges of differing sizes and from particular manufacturers can change, however it is an excellent general rule to prevent leakage. Wipe any extra liquid away using a fabric or cotton swab before vaping.

Remove the cartridge and strike through the side which links to the battery attachment. Leaking cartridges may result from fluid that wasn’t vaporized loitering close to the atomizer. Blowing through the other phase of the cartridge causes this to be pushed from the mouth-piece, where it may be safely wiped away.

Keep your e-cigarette against the mouthpiece elevated. It is a simplistic method, but nevertheless, it could be quite powerful. Rather than gravity pulling the fluid to the mouth-piece, it operates to maintain it securely within the cartridge.

As you vape contain the e-cigarette horizontally. Keeping the vertically using the mouthpiece pointing downwards makes seeping fluid substantially more likely. Make gravity work with you, not against you.

Don’t inhale too much about the electronic cigarette. Tobacco smokes create more smoke whenever you inhale more aggressively, but e-cigs don’t work within exactly the same manner. Inhale gently to prevent sucking out some unwanted liquid.


If the liquid makes contact with the skin or orally – clean it out instantly. Keep an eye out for signs of nicotine poisoning for example general pain, diarrhoea or vomiting.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Unsafe?

Believe it or not, but e-cigarettes haven’t posed any danger for the people’s security. Though we could’t tell you that they’re absolutely safe (because they’re not yet FDA-APPROVED), we could declare that they’re less dangerous than conventional cigarettes.

ecig researchThose that are against the new wonder smoke will make a facade of lies to divert you.

Fortunately for the e-cigarette business, as a better choice millions which have tried e-cigarettes have herald e-cigarettes and stood their ground. Along with that, there are scientists that consider these devices can save lives, alter the planet, and bring hope back to people who appreciate using nicotine.

These investigators are demonstrating what many e-cigarette users have supposed all along. There have been several studies performed with e-cigarettes, but simply not sufficient to carry the Federal Food and Drug Administration into instant acceptance. E-cigarettes are set to be controlled by the FDA shortly.

To see e-cigarette research, view The Study Behind E-cigarettes.

It’s nothing new to let you know that tobacco cigarettes are awful for you. That’s the reason why the FDA ordered tobacco companies to exhibit serious health hazards on the packaging. It’s a smart choice.

E-cigarettes are really an alternative nicotine-delivery system. E – liquid has Proylene Glycol, 4 elements, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicorette and Flavors. (Click the link to find out more on these elements.)

The e-cigarette is winning the battle

The groups opposing smoke are valiantly working ahead to prohibit the creation and sales of e-cigarettes. They assert that, it causes more injury to the body compared to the notion of decreasing the custom of smoking. Unfortunately for them, the court had rejected their petition in banning them. The opponents against them were supported by smokers who testified in huge numbers if a prohibition is imposed on cigarettes they could be time for the custom of smoking.

Thus the makers of e-cigarette have begun implementing their technologies using a large grin on the face. They’re highly confident that, this marketplace would have been a prosperous plus a tremendous success in the close future.

One particular business is the R.J Reynolds Vapor Organization that has implanted a highly developed technologies with their e-cigarettes. They’re examining their merchandise within the title of “digital smoke”. During one of these demonstrations, they revealed their invention concerning vapours infused with nicotine which is often inhaled from the customers. The catch in their technology was the involvement of microchips they promise to assist the user to truly have a smoking experience much like conventional cigarettes.

Another business within the forex market is headed by Philips Morris whose technology is closely connected with an inhaler containing nicotine aerosol. Other forthcoming businesses include Imperial Tobacco, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco. There will probably be a significant fight between the challengers within this marketplace.

The progress of the businesses will be caused by their ideologies in cessation of smoking by switching the cigarettes with non-tobacco cigarettes that weed out the toxins for example pitch, carcinogens and produce only nicotine. This really is claimed to become more successful compared to the conventional means of cessation of smoke like techniques in pharmacology.

Another cause for their achievement is the fact that, the smokers came forward in available to help them. Their story of stopping or reducing smoke, betterment in health following using e-cigarettes has significantly outvoiced the group. Actually, the movement has promoted using e-cigarettes.